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No Time to Cook? Don't know how?
No worries-Jaybee's does it for you!
Relax and enjoy. You can come home , every night, to a healthy, home-cooked dinner waiting for you and your family:
  • No planning meals for the week.
  • No racing to the grocery store.
  • No time lost to cooking and serving.
  • No messy kitchen to clean up.
  • No more unhealthy fast food.
Tailored to your tastebuds. We will work with you to develop a menu around your families likes, dislikes, food allergies and fitness/weight loss goals.
  • Medical restrictions? High protien? Low fat? Low salt? Low/No Carb?
  • South Beach, Weight Watchers, Atkins The Zone, Mediteranian
  • Organic? Vegetarian?
No Problem.... We do it all!!!
Just a delicious meal, prepared to your liking.
Who do we serve?
  • Dual-career couples: Who have little time or no desire to cook.
  • Singles: Who lead busy active lives and/or don't know how to cook.
  • Families of all sizes: Who wan't to spend less time in the kitchen and grocery store and more time together, eating healthy meals.
  • Professional Athletes
  • Elderly and Physically challenged clients.
Holiday and BBQ Trays
Check out our Holiday menus to order trays for your Holiday Family Gathering.
Call us at 610-745-0518 today to schedule a personable in home consultation and tomorrow your cooking days will be over!!!
Personal Chef
John Burwell
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